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We moved to AZ from TN 3 years ago and wanted to make sure we set up the best doctors for our children. Or boy has a chronic undiagnosed sinus condition and our main coone requires regular grooming. Our first visit with our boy solidified this was THE BEST veterinarian we had ever been to. Our poor boy had gone 5 years with multiple vets saying he had a sinus condition of some type. Scaredy Cat conducted a few tests (only ones absolutely necessary so to not gouge me) and definitively found he has herpes!! This effects his sinuses, not curable but easy to treat when he has flare ups. After a few days on the meds our cat, we nicknamed snarfy, had no nasal issues. We both cried during our follow up visit that they fixed our baby. Beyond this everyone there is amazing. They go above and beyond to provide superior service. We drove 45minutes each way to go there with no regrets. I am very picky in vets and now that we moved to Portland I worry about not finding anything comparable to Scaredy Cat.  Thank you Melanie, Dr. Wood (she solved our boy's illness, Dr. Grant (so patient even when our boy sprayed him) and ALL of the staff at Scaredy Cat. We love you all and will miss you! ~ Jennifer S.

My buddy & I met with Dr Grant today, Oct. 6, 2014. Wow! I've been searching for this Dr. Since I moved to AZ (9 years ago)!!  To rule out a doctor, all I need is a 2-5 minute conversation & a walk through. If the facility & Dr get past the first stage, they're 1/3 closer to approval. I have high expectations when it comes to the health care of my little buddy. He's been (an awesome) part of my life for 14 years & I love him... You bet your ass I won't accept anything less than the best care for him. I found exactly that today at Scaredy Cat Animal Hospital!! The staff scored high as well! They were kind, gentle and genuinely caring  This Doc is a keeper!! ~ Angel B.

My kitties have been patients of the Scaredy Cats Hospital for nearly a decade.  Dr. Grant and his staff are well informed, compassionate, patient, and overall--simply amazing.
These guys do it all--from new kitten exams, to grooming, surgeries, ultrasound, dental, or behavioral advice--and so much more!
There is never a a second thought about where to go for anything we need for our kitty babies.  I simply couldn't imagine going anywhere else. ~L.P.

I cannot say enough good things about Scaredy Cat. We were new to the area and had an older cat who fell sick. There are many vets in the area, but we chose this one because they specialize in cats. We brought our sweet girl in for the first time and were met with such warmth and caring by a deeply professional staff. They were welcoming and knowledgable, and gave us really good advice on how to treat our cat and her condition. Scaredy Cat never oversold their services or pushed unnecessary treatments on us for the sake of higher billing. Our vet, Dr. Wood, was incredibly patient and supportive throughout our entire experience, and ultimately, we ended up having to say goodbye to our sweet girl, and the whole Scaredy Cat staff was there for us every step of the way. I cannot say enough positive things about this veterinary. My mother was in from out of town during this whole process and she was so impressed worth Scaredy Cat that she half-joked she would happily fly across the country to bring her cats here.
Trust me on this one: Scaredy Cat is where you want to bring your furry family members.~Becca N.

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