Diagnostic Services
at the Scaredy Cat Hospital

Cats Are Masters of Disguise...

It Takes an Experienced Feline Practitioner to Diagnose the Problem Cats can be ill or injured, and they hide the outward signs and symptoms so that their human companions have an extremely difficult time telling that anything is wrong. (Not to mention that they can’t “tell” us what is bothering them.)

But we cat owners can get a sense of it when something seems amiss with our little friends. . .perhaps they aren’t eating like they should, or they’re sleeping more, or hiding in odd places.

If you suspect your kitty is under the weather, it’s time to bring in the help of feline veterinary diagnostics at Scaredy Cats.

Our talented, intuitive doctors will be able to examine and diagnose your pet, assisted by both routine and advanced diagnostic services available in our hospital.

From simple blood tests to ultrasounds, X-ray imaging to urine testing, we are well-equipped to get to the bottom of the problem.

Scaredy Cats Hospital stays on the cutting edge of in-house diagnostic equipment, including advanced imaging capabilities. This allows our knowledgable doctors to quickly and accurately identify and diagnose health problems so they can be handled efficiently and quickly.

In addition to our in-house services, we work closely with some of the area’s most reliable diagnostic laboratories and specialists around. We’ll figure out what is wrong, and put in place a plan to get your baby back to health as quickly as possible.